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Best Vintage Clothing Store If You're an Extra in an Austin Powers Movie New York 2000 - Cherry

Everything but the bouffant hairdo is provided at Cherry, which carries a groovy bunch of mod-tastic footwear like emerald Chelsea boots, faux leopard slingbacks, and gold lamé kitten heels. Felicity Shagwell could wear its fluffy pink mules in her boudoir, while the red, white, and blue pumps (with matching geometric purse) scream Quadrophenia. Plenty of boxy pastel handbags, go-go boots, and Pucci prints ensure you'll look dead pacey (as Lynn Redgrave says in the '60s madcap Smashing Time!). You'll need a major-studio budget to get costumed here; powder blue T-straps, for instance, run $225.
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