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Best (Yet Another) Impending British Dance Music Invasion of New York Clubland New York 2000 - Two-step Garage

For most of the '90s, dance music was on a one-way trip from England to America, with the U.S. desperately scurrying to catch up to the latest Anglo-breakbeat mutations. The turn of the millennium finds it in no better position. Two-step Garage, the r&b-meets-house sensation that's been tearing up London clubland for years, is just now getting its American tourist visa. DJ DB sells two-step mixtapes at jungle emporium Breakbeat Science, and is beginning to spin regular gigs. Goldspot Productions has been leading the charge to fill American ears with the two-step gospel, running a series of successful one-offs at places like 95 Leonard Street and the Frying Pan. Call 212-560-0951 or email to see where they'll be bringing the love next.
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