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Best Acoustic Instrument Shop New York 2001 - Mandolin Brothers

Mandolin Brothers

Mandolin Brothers

629 Forest Ave.

Staten Island, NY 10310


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When Joni Mitchell wrote, "I went to Staten Island, Sharon, and bought myself a mandolin," she documented the pilgrimage to MANDOLIN BROTHERS made by thousands. For almost 25 years, they've occupied the same squatty building stocked with acoustic goodies. Get comfy with a plunky, open-back banjo—no Deliverance jokes, please—or a 1965 longneck Pete Seeger model by Vega. Business seems particularly booming as of late, thanks to the ukulele revival. The new ultra-affordable "Fluke Uke" for $160 comes in colors that put iMac to shame: mango, pineapple, plum, and uke-calyptus. House rules allow you to play any instrument you like, as long as you'd like— even on "Stairway to Heaven."
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