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Best Cheap Fashion Accessories: They'll Ask, Don't Tell New York 2001 - CVS Pharmacy

Minerva McNamara was not the best-dressed girl in school, though she certainly was the blandest. The sort of dull, decent Milquetoast whom everyone invited to parties, but nobody remembered to talk to. The worm turned during third-period study hall, though, when Minerva met Warner Van Camp, future fabulous mogul. "Accessorize," he commanded, and whisked her away to CVS PHARMACY after pooling allowances for a $25 spree. Here's what they found: safety-pin bracelets strung with black, red, or white beads, very Desperately Seeking Susan, $2.99 each; a 12-pack of Official Preppy Handbook-esque gum-ball ponytail holders ($3.19 ); and a spiky, butterscotch-dyed faux-hair twist ($3.69). Warner also snuck in pleather woven sandals ($6.99) and Little L'eggs tights ($2.50) for Minerva to rip up and wear with baby-doll frocks. And on that day a star was born. Minerva McNamara Contessa de Cool.
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