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Best Marketing Gimmick New York 2001 - Carol's Daughter - CLOSED

Carol\'s Daughter

Carol's Daughter

1 S. Elliott Place

Brooklyn, NY 11217


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You imagine yourself in step with that alternative image of the bourgeoisie—comfortably nestled in the talented tenth of affluence, you still help out the hood. So you skip the beauty floor at Barneys and head toward CAROL'S DAUGHTER, the charming shop on DeKalb that Essence told you was the bomb. Inside, you inhale the rich aromas of voluminizing hair oils and coconut honey lotions. You lay down $20 for a bottle of Apricot Body Soufflé or $12 for a tub of shea butter knowing you've paid too much for what cocoa butter could have easily taken care of for $3. But it smells so good.
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