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Best Outdoor Graffiti Museum New York 2001 - Phun Phactory

Phun Phactory

Phun Phactory

45-14 Davis St.

Long Island City, NY 11101


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Somewhere between the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum, P.S. 1, Socrates Sculpture Park, and the Center for Holographic Arts in Long Island City sits the outdoor PHUN PHACTORY aerosol-art museum, a chemical reminder of a time when doing the robot and spinning on your back was considered stupid fresh and hip-hop was just a twinkle in some rappers\' eyes. Intricate lettering, cartoon-like figures, and spray-painted inner-city landscapes equal freedom of expression at this space where urban artists get a chance to paint legal murals. Founded to keep streets clean and channel raw creativity toward positive growth, Phun Phactory is best seen from the elevated No. 7 train, if only for a fleeting second.
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I beg to differ with Klucev's lies and minipulations. I have not received any type of legal anything from her only threats and no truths and all that proof that IZ THE WIZ was indeed the co-founder of Thw Phun Phactory all the proof is here in ONE location.

- Pat Di Lillo


To this day we are still waiting for this litigation to ensue and today is May 3, 2012. Please see for the other side of the story. There are always three sides to a story, in this case her side, our side and the TRUTH. From the evidence presented pleas DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS. Never allow someone else to think for you as Kate tried to do all over the internet. Thank you.

In solidarity with OWS forever,

The Phun Phactory


My late Husband, Michael IZ THE WIZ Martin was NOT the co-founder of the Phun Phactory. Preliminary litigation has been issued to Pat Di Lillo and the Phun Phactory to permanently remove my Husband’s legal name (Michael Martin) his artist name (IZ THE WIZ) all photgraphs of my husband and his artwork from all websites owned and operated by Pat Di Lillo and the Phun Phactory. Best regards, Katherine Lucev-Martin (Mrs. IZ)


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