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Best Place for All of Your Pollution-Free Mobility Needs New York 2001 - Hub Station

From electric scooters and detachable in-lines to tandems and folding bikes, Soho's HUB STATION can provide you with seemingly limitless modes of green transport. Want your old-fashioned sucker-powered cycle converted to electric? They'll fit it with the latest in lightweight motors. The friendly, laid-back staff seems amenable to just about anything you may have in mind. If they sell it, they'll probably rent it to you as well. (Bikes go for $5 an hour or $25 a day.) You can even launch a career as a pedicab driver. Hub offers licensing courses and rents the rickshaw-style trikes to geographically gifted (and stalwart) self-starters. Or call PONY-CAB if you'd rather just enjoy the ride.
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