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Best Place to Bathe With Old Russian Men New York 2001 - Russian Turkish Baths

Russian Turkish Baths

Russian Turkish Baths

268 E. 10th St.

New York, NY 10009


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In a dimly lit arena of saunas, burly Russian regulars outfitted in complimentary shorts and slippers stare absently at you from underneath a heat-induced haze. In fact, there is only one actual bath at the RUSSIAN TURKISH BATHS—a 50-degree, oversized communal tub intended for post-sweat dunks. The rest of the "wash, wash, sweat, sweat" regime occurs mostly in the Russian Radiant Heat Room, a sauna deliberately bigger and hotter than the dinky American one across the hall and fully equipped with giant buckets of ice because, as Peter the masseuse claims, "Russian people like steam."
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Haha, this review is comical because the Russian Turkish Baths on 10th street are actually a fabulous place to check out. Where else can you get some R&R in the middle of NYC? It's also affordable since BuyWithMe NYC is offering 5 sessions for $60 and you get 20% off a spa visit! The link is so you should check it out. See ya there...