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Best Place to be Reminded That All Film Art Isn't On-screen New York 2001 - Posteritati



239 Centre St.

New York, NY 10013


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Movie posters may be yesterday\'s marketing trash and today\'s post-boomer fetish objects, but some—particularly those designed by Eastern European and Japanese artists—have an appeal distinctly separate from (and sometimes in spite of) the celluloid they shill for. Sam Sarowitz\'s Chinatown POSTERITATI, which specializes in film posters of all nationalities, is proof positive: Ask to see the Romanian one-sheet for To Kill a Mockingbird if you\'re skeptical. You can browse the collection of over 12,000 silent-era-to-present-day posters in printed catalogs or search for specific titles online using a bank of iMacs. Posteritati is billed as a gallery, so presumably you can look all day without dropping a dime; if you\'ve got a few bucks to spend, though, prices range from $20 to a whopping $50,000.
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