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Best Place to Buy Incense, oils, and All Things That Smell Sexy New York 2001 - Monir Attar

Monir Attar

Monir Attar

22 Fourth Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11217


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You're on your way to BAM Theater for dinner and a movie when bam! It hits you: You forgot to put on perfume. Well, back up, calm down, and head to MONIR ATTAR, which carries over 300 domestic and 200 imported essential body oils and fragrances, from Eternity to Paris. "These oils have been imported from India, Singapore, France, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia," says the store's proprietor, Mohamed Jubair Monir. While you're there, pick up some incense, including musk, coconut, honey, or whatever else your nose, or his, desires.
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whats my house worth
whats my house worth

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