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Best Place to Go Get a Job If You Are an Exiled Cultural Worker New York 2001 - New York Public Library

The NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY is the perfect place to go after the world of business and humanities has thrown you out on your ass. Ex-reporters, ex-businessmen, ex-philosophy students, ex-homemakers, artists, these are all people who work here. As long as you have a bachelor\'s degree and the proper cultural and educational crud, er, cred, you can hook up with the Bronx-Manhattan-Staten Island system. Starting jobs, like the information assistant position, get you a $27,000-per-year paycheck plus benefits. A big bulk of your tuition is paid for if you want to go on to be a master librarian, and you get to talk about books a lot. And the library has a staff shortage right now, so jobs are definitely available.
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