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Best Place to Have Exotic Beers Uptown New York 2001 - Dinerbar

When you feel your bipolarity is just plain misunderstood by mere monos, head to DINERBAR and satisfy both of your needs. Is it a diner or is it a bar? Do you want to choose, really? One thing is for sure: You and your doppelgänger will finally have a warm atmosphere for that much needed chat while avoiding the Friday downtown crowd. For starters, you can enjoy a superb Jever while she sips on a cold Old Speckled Hen. Maybe later, when adventure sets in, she will feel the urge to drink a Hoegaarden and you—not wanting to feel left out—will have a Pilsner Urquell. Finally, you share a bottle of Chimay. It's about time you guys ironed out your differences.
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