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Best Record Shop Imitation of a Library New York 2001 - Jazz Record Center

Jazz Record Center

Jazz Record Center

236 W. 26th St.

New York, NY 10001


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Let's face it: Jazz caters to people already "in the know." So it shouldn't be much of a shock that the best place to shop for rare and out of print gems is one you'd never wander into by chance. The JAZZ RECORD CENTER, in business for over 17 years, occupies a quiet suite on the eighth floor of a Chelsea office building. It's so subdued, in fact, that it could be a library minus the shushing. LP shelving is an exercise in precision: never stuffed past capacity, never out of alphabetical order. Out of print CDs, generally in pristine condition, nestle in perfect plastic sleeves. You have to wonder, "Did other humans really own these?" And whether you're a genuine know-it-all or just play one on TV, knowledgeable staff and copious reference volumes will help resolve any discographical dilemma.
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