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Best Recycled Airport New York 2001 - Floyd Bennett Field

Floyd Bennett Field

Floyd Bennett Field

Flatbush Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11201


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For flatlanders and lovers of freaky pastoral beauty, it's well worth the extra trouble it takes to get out to Brooklyn's FLOYD BENNETT FIELD. With huge runways crisscrossing acres and acres of waist-high grasslands (including the city's biggest prairie biopreserve) and a strangely beautiful Planet of the Apes cape, hiking trails that lead through relatively uncrowded points along Jamaica Bay, great fishing, empty airplane hangars, various abandoned buildings, butterflies, grasshoppers, world-class bird-watching, a gigantic community garden, and a radio-controlled model-airplane flying field, this park is a blueprint for America's strip-mall ghettos and concrete mistakes: Let the grass shoot through the cracks, and make it recreational. Flatbush Avenue South near the Marine Parkway Bridge.
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