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Best Run of $4.99 Chilean Merlot New York 2001 - Warehouse Wine & Spirits and its Appently Endless Run of Carmen Merlot

You tried clipping wine reviews and taking them to your local wine store. You got tired of being told that none of the wines reviewed were in stock. You gradually realized that for every pricey, dazzling wine on the market, you have a bill to pay at home. So you ought to know about WAREHOUSE WINE & SPIRITS AND ITS APPARENTLY ENDLESS RUN OF CARMEN MERLOT for $4.99 a bottle. Carmen, a fairly small producer from Chile's Maipo Valley, was switching labels on its 1998 Merlot, and Warehouse snapped up a bunch of bottles with the old label, cheap. When the Carmen is gone, another bargain from another buyout will have taken its place.
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