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Best Vintage Clothing Store for Trust-Fund Mods New York 2001 - Amacord

When the meek take over the earth, I plan to take over AMARCORD. A relative newcomer to the prime shopaholics' block of 7th Street, it stocks an orderly array of choice retro garb, plus a considerable number of snakeskin pumps, Gucci purses, and other gewgaws. First I intend to confiscate the swirly, Pucci-like polyester frocks and the '40s red polka-dot bathing suit in the window. I shall seize every multicolored flowered cotton shift ($75) in sight, then move on to the blue-and-red op art-patterned maxiskirts and stripy knit sheaths ($135). In the new world order I shall reign supreme—supremely well dressed, that is.
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