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Best Downtown Hair Braid Hustler New York 2002 - PRINCESS, THE LADY IN FRONT OF SEARCH AND DESTROY

If you have walked St. Marks you have seen PRINCESS, THE LADY IN FRONT OF SEARCH AND DESTROY. Homegirl has cornered the downtown hair braid market and has it cowering, shaking in tears. The savvy entrepreneur snags punks, wiggas, neighborhood boys, hippies, and hipsters off the strip with her brash, ambiguously accented ("I come from: my mothaahr!") braiding call: "Hey guys, come and get your hair braided!" She allows customers a browse through her self-portrait-heavy photo album, then snaps them up into her bony grasp. That's when the grease comes out, the hair goes flying, and the facial sweat amasses. Will you hear her before you see her? It is difficult to say whether Princess's high-volume banter and verbal behests to passersby make more or less noise than her loud-ass clothing and rainbow-bright extensions. Universal Hair (stand).
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