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Best Excuse for Writing Best-Of Blurbs New York 2002 - CORNER PORNO STAND NEAR THE VILLAGE VOICE OFFICES

As the pile of XXX movies from the CORNER PORNO STAND NEAR THE VILLAGE VOICE OFFICES grows, I no longer have to explain my desire to lock the door and hold my own. "Look, Ma, I'm no pervert—I'm doing research!" Yea, that's the ticket. I gotta buy this stuff. I can tell my wife, "Leave those alone; they're for work, a piece I'm doing." All 200 of them. Even when the boss walks by and sees me with a copy of Over Sixty Sweeties, I just nod and give that wordless reply of "You know, boss—assignment!" Works every time. This street-corner Blockbuster has something for everyone (with a fetish, at least). They even got the print stuff, if your lust for life can't make it home. What a country!
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