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Best Place To Get Pinched In An NYPD Cigarette Sting New York 2002 - BEACH CHANNEL OUTDOOR PLATFORM

Deep in Queens. The fat pig was just reading his tabloid, undercover, on the BEACH CHANNEL OUTDOOR PLATFORM. They dress undercovers like Abercrombie & Fitch boys out here—like tourists. Oblivious, I lit up a cigarette to kill time, and when the next train came, I put it out to get on. "You're not going anywhere," Robert Mallin, the young, hefty transit cop, said, blocking my path to the subway car and flashing a badge. He was pushy. "You ever been in trouble? You ever been locked up?" For smoking?! "Sit down," he said. "Sit the fuck down." I sat down and he served me a summons—$50! Another cop trying to make quota on the natural sins of the public.
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