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Best Place To Pick Up A Stubborn British Accent, Figure, And Attitude New York 2002 - TEA & SYMPATHY



108 Greenwhich Ave.

New York, NY 10011


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Every restaurant in New York needs a Nicky's Rules list: a list of things diners must know before (and after) they dare to dine at TEA & SYMPATHY, the exclusively British hole in the wall on Greenwich Avenue. Words to the effect of "You must pay at least 15 percent gratuity, and if there is a line to get in, eat and get out." This says something about owner Nicky's attitude, and British humor in general. Pictures of Queenie hang from floral walls, and waitresses are lovely-but-direct and fresh off the boat. Scones and clotted cream and shepherd's pie are their specialties. And after all, there's nothing a fresh coop o' tea and a bickyv cohn't fix.
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