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Best Place To Shake Your Oversized Gothic Caboose New York 2002 - DOWNTIME'S BATCAVE PARTY

Dearest Lilith: Though but a single moon has set since last we IM'd, I cannot forgo this missive. My darling, I have unearthed a place for those such as we, far from the philistines of this mocking metropolis. Yes, my pallid and chunky love, here at DOWNTIME'S BATCAVE PARTY a taste for creeping eyeliner and fine Torrid-brand fashions is de rigueur each and every Saturday! Truly, oh darkling faerie queen, never have I espied such vast expanses of PVC and Pan-Cake makeup jiggling arrhythmically to the Sisters of Mercy! Oh sanguinary vampyress, wouldst thou disobey thy 'rents just once, and join our ghoulish bacchanal?
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