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Best Place To Wear White And Pretend You're In The Hamptons New York 2002 - NYC BLUES CRUISE

For a gratuitous fee that's far less than advantaged families pay for the real thing, you and your resort-starved friends can load onto a rickety, big, old boat at Pier 16 and spend 90 minutes cruising the very lower tip of eastern Manhattan (the Brooklyn Bridge to Lady Liberty and back again), grooving slowly among a beer-drinking crowd to sentimental blues and funk artists (Martin Sexton and the Radiators the best and best-known among them). NYC BLUES CRUISE crowds tend to be the overtanned, meticulously dressed, loud laughing type, so either don your white linen and be free and wealthy for a night, or stay in rags and be a back-boat bandit, laughing and sniveling at the expense of others.
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