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Best Reason To Listen To Star and Bucwild New York 2002 - WNYC'S JONATHAN SCHWARTZ

I'm not mad at NPR, but there's one mothersucker who makes me want to chain myself to a Rock Block and jump a Five O'Clock Free Ride: WNYC'S JONATHAN SCHWARTZ. Broadcasting weekends at noon, Schwartz promises a mix of "American Popular Standards, classical, rock and roll, jazz, and 'good talk,' " but delivers mostly cabaret and musical theater. Which could be blazin', but Schwartz's Winnebago-sized pauses and air-kiss editorials are more Miss Havisham than Miss Thang. Instead of making Arlen and Berlin sound like the clock-punching ninjas they were, Schwartz makes classic songcraft sound naive and precious, which is just what pop listeners mistakenly suspect. That's bad radio and bad learnin'!
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