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Best Reason To Think That Radio Really Is In The Hands Of Such A Lot Of Fools Trying To Anesthetize The Way That You Feel New York 2002 - POWER 105'S SWITCH FROM JAMMIN' OLDIES TO HIP-HOP

POWER 105'S SWITCH FROM JAMMIN' OLDIES TO HIP-HOP—no, really, I think we need two motherfricking radio stations playing Ashanti. God forbid there's a gap of more than 10 minutes between airings of "Foolish." Why would I want to hear the Gap Band, or Eddie Kendricks, or Chic? That's old-fashioned and silly of me! Why would I want a radio station that my entire family likes? How bougie and selfish! No, just serve up some more blazin' tracks, and I'll be as happy as Mary J Blige on a heavy-flow day. Assholes.
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