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Best Resident Social Director New York 2002 - PARTY MARTY

Marty Haber, the Brooklyn Cyclones' raucous jester who everybody knows as PARTY MARTY, knows how to get the party started. Running around the stadium with a microphone and yelling himself hoarse, Marty oversees such between-innings activities as the water balloon toss, the Two Boots pizza delivery promotion, and the hot dog race—in which three life-sized hot dogs named Mustard, Ketchup, and Relish run down the third baseline vying for condiment supremacy. Considering that his day job is Account Executive in the Cyclones' front office, Marty must be the hardest working man in the sports biz. Starting a wave is the least of his talents. Whether he's leading a chant of "Charge!," dancing the cha-cha-cha on the dugout with team mascot Sandy the Seagull, or letting fans try on his personalized (and sweaty) jersey, this hometown boy's tireless enthusiasm is contagious. Keyspan Park.
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