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Best Small-Press Comics Nexus (Anywhere!) New York 2002 - MOCCA ART FESTIVAL

New York's got some great comics stores (three cheers for the back-issue selection at St. Mark's Comics), but it's often hard to track down small-press stuff and mini-comics anyway. So the MOCCA ART FESTIVAL, put together this summer by the new Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art, rocked like a velvet glove cast in iron—the Puck Building was packed to the windows with around 2000 people buying self-published and almost-self-published comics by up-and-coming cartoonists like Carla Speed McNeil and Rachel Hartman. No Yu-Gi-Oh! card games, no Playboy bunnies, no wandering Klingons, just the comics underground in all its glory. There's another one planned for next June.
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