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Best Stretch of Sidewalk To Play Hopscotch Around Dog Shit New York 2002 - EAST 4TH STREET FROM AVENUE C TO COOPER SQUARE

Every morning, while walking to work on EAST 4TH STREET FROM AVENUE C TO COOPER SQUARE, I am challenged by the huge amount of dog doo encountered on what would otherwise be a pleasant walk. Because the hazards to my shoes are too great, I stare at the ground from beginning to end; this, of course, means that I'm prone to walk into a wall or a pole. When not hurdling over turds, I skip over puddles of piss (canine and human), broken beer bottles, and stinky trash. The corner of East 4th and Second Avenue is especially dangerous. Several thousand pigeons have taken roost above the Fleet Bank, causing me to do the following dance: Jump over dog poo, hop around broken glass, scamper to miss pigeon shit falling like atomic bombs from the sky. God, I love New York.
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