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Best Television Substitute New York 2002 - HO CHOY FOOD MART

Forget Jacques Cousteau documentaries—for a truly awe-inspiring look at the rich diversity of the undersea world, venture forth to the fish markets of Chinatown. At HO CHOY FOOD MART, the bins and tanks teem with close-up-worthy fish species from all over the planet. Marvel at the enormous eels shimmering past, the jousting live blue crabs, the frogs peering coyly from a bucket at your feet. Lucky visitors may even catch sight of the fearsome snakehead—the predatory ecological menace that was thrust into the spotlight in July after hitching its way from a Chinatown market to a Maryland pond. And don't forget to snag a souvenir from your foray into this amazing aquatic frontier: Lively (and delicious) Canadian lobsters are only three for $20.
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