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Best Waxer New York 2002 - CARMEN COVACI

Excuse me, that's "esthetician"—no joke. The salon is called "Flourish" and it's an adorable loft space featuring hairdressers and whatnot, but CARMEN COVACI is the reason to go. She's a hair follicle genius, and uses sugar instead of regular wax so it doesn't hurt so much, but your legs will be hairless for weeks and you'll no longer look like Bert from Sesame Street or have sideburns for a bikini line or a mustache like my dad and all my relatives back in Italy. Like a bartender or flaming hairdresser, Carmen is a sweetheart you can tell all about your personal life without getting the feeling she's gonna make fun of you when you leave. Plus she has a cute Romanian accent, and she's not afraid to kick it to your ingrown hairs (ewww).
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