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best back crack New York 2003 - B CHIROPRACTIC - CLOSED



23 Ave. B

New York, NY 10009


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I first limped into B CHIROPRACTIC injured and bruised from eight-hour-a-day dance classes and high-heeled cocktail waitressing. I was defeated. But after an hour-long lecture on the principles of healthy living and a month-long intensive of chiropractic care from Dr. Silk and Dr. Mike, I was back in the game. The best thing about this office is that you need no appointment and with various, inexpensive packages and most insurance cards, you can drop in to the office almost any time of day unannounced, lie yourself down and walk out (even if you crawled in) less crooked and generally healthier. I usually get a pep talk too.
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chiropractor perth
chiropractor perth

Well, it's really goes upon our experience. According to my sense, Chiropractic is one of awesome curing method to improve our nervous system. And it's really working like a blessing of Gods for those who are suffering from low back pain. The regarding curing method is completely non surgical and safe.


Simply the worst chiropractor ever. Very unpleasant office with no privacy also.