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best new simpatica girl-run mercado for luscious, dewy fruits and green vegetables New York 2003 - LOWER EAST SIDE GIRLS CLUB FARMERS' MARKET

If Raising Victor Vargas's wry, self-determining Judy Marte seems like the avatar of Loisada girl power, her inner-sorority circle lives at the LOWER EAST SIDE GIRLS CLUB FARMERS' MARKET. Organic fruits and veggies, herbs, salsa fresca, apple pie, granola, soap, and other comidas y cosas are sold Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., between June 28 and October 25. Proceeds go toward building a center to provide continuing education, a gym, and holistic health, career, and emotional counseling services for Lower East Side girls and women. Vamos!
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