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best preacher who drives a cab New York 2003 - PHILIP FRABOSILO

The Christian ministry "Rolling for Jesus" is run from PHILIP FRABOSILO's licensed yellow cab. Every inch of space is decorated with uplifting sayings and stuffed animals. Pastor Phil offers free candy and newspapers to startled passengers who recognize immediately this is not your typical cab driver. Between fares, he picks up food from restaurants and delivers it to homeless shelters. You can't help but talk to him, and by the time you leave, you too are saying, "God bless."
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Linda Warner
Linda Warner

Philip is the husband of my mother in law's cousin. He is the most inspirational, amazing and spiritual people I have ever had the honor to know. If you are ever so lucky to get into his cab, enjoy his words and his love of Jesus. He brings with him wherever he is. He is like no one you will ever meet. God bless him...........which I know he has.


If you're open to an unforgettable experience and enjoy a good conversation, you have to take this ride. Pastor Phil is a good man - probably misunderstood by many who don't give it enough time to listen or feel overwhelmed by such an eccentric personality that they don't ask sincere questions. What can I say? He charged me and two friends 5 dollar rides from 23rd St. Manhattan to Grand Army Plaza,Bklyn, while doling out donated slices of pizza and bagels to the homeless, and even his well heeled passengers. He's nuts in a very good way, smart and funny. Enjoy the ride - and don't worry, he'll never force an unwanted sermon or take you to church - because you're already there.


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