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Best cheap Japanese CDs New York 2004 - BOOK-OFF



49 W. 45th St.

New York, NY 10036


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Those attracted to import CDs but turned off by the high prices should check the used stock at BOOK-OFF, one of a string of Japanese businesses along a strip adjacent to the New York Public Library. The right wall of this brightly lit, immaculate store is dedicated to J-pop, and prices average $10 to $15 for a pristine shrink-wrapped product (about half of what these items would fetch new). Upstairs find books in English and used Japanese magazines selling for a pittance.
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Recommended! I've been there and the available CDs are typically the newer artists (last 5 years) which is cool, but the older titles (pre-2000) are hard to find. For those that want the older releases, is a free jpop classified site that I have found to have more of the older artists like Seiko Matsuda or Personz.