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Best hypnotherapist New York 2004 - DR. JOHN RYDER

With his piercing eyes, shaggy dark coif, and beard, he's like a Prince-meets–Wolfman Jack hybrid. Armed with a Ph.D. and a mellifluous voice, DR. JOHN RYDER lulls you into compliance to kick those onerous habits. He squelched this writer's 15-year smoking habit for good in two sessions. Whatever your vice, insurance-friendly Ryder makes you a customized motivational tape of the session for easy home listening.
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Conversational hypnosis is an astounding skill that can truly make positive changes to your life. You can learn how to quickly get peoples confidence and trust, guide them through an apparently everyday conversation and then implant unique thought processes as suggestions inside their subconscious mind. I know it sounds unbelievable right? But it really isn't.


For many, hypnosis brings to mind a parlor game or nightclub act, where a man with a swinging watch gets volunteers to walk like a chicken or bark like a dog. But clinical, or medical, hypnosis is more than fun and games. It is an altered state of awareness used by licensed therapists to treat psychological or physical problems.


There are many great hypnotists out there. He is definitely one of the best.

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