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Best place to pick up music nerds New York 2004 - WFMU RECORD FAIR AT THE METROPOLITAN PAVILION

Enter the huge hangar-like space filled to the brim with record stalls at the WFMU RECORD FAIR AT THE METROPOLITAN PAVILION. You'll see hundreds of pasty boys who'll be furiously flipping through crates of records (it's like the 75 percent-off Barneys sale for music nerds). Spot a cute one wearing a snug denim jacket and sporting a feral mullety mop. Approach and flip records next to him. As he moves to the next crate, move in sync. Then ask nonchalantly, "So, um, have you come across records by Cluster?" Then he'll look up, blinking rapidly, and say, "I think I saw Zuckerzeit . . . " and delicious exchanging of esoterica will ensue. November 5 through 7.
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