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Best venue for short people to avoid New York 2004 - IRVING PLAZA



17 Irving Place

New York, NY 10003


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Many a great band play IRVING PLAZA, but I couldn't tell you about any of the shows, because I can't see a thing. Unless you're squished right up front with the obsessives and the kiddies, or you've got a precious V.I.P. balcony pass, you're screwed if you're under five feet two. While this goes for most venues, it's particularly true at Irving, which is so long and narrow you end up standing way far back, hoping the super-tall guy in front of you (the tallest person in the room always stands directly in front of you—always) doesn't move his arm. Otherwise the sight line you have under his armpit will totally disappear, and you'll be really fucked.
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