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Best Bootylicious Mannequins New York 2005 - J.M.N. FASHION

Thought all mannequins were designed with the shape of an anorexic, 14-year-old white girl? No more! For those who salivate over J.Lo, the plastic vixens in the windows of J.M.N. FASHION have the plump, heart-shaped asses dreams are made of. The curves not only sex up the windows, they also show how the jeans will hug your butt, rather than some skinny bitch's.
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Omg its true those mannequins are amazingly hot, and the clothes is hot as well, is not a expensive store, they have always $5 sales but if your hot you gotta come by there at least once and see for your self I think you can get a whole really hot outfit for $50 or less.