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Best Low-Key Comeback New York 2005 - LADY MISS KIER

So she wasn't spinning "Groove Is in the Heart." The club kids attending the We Care a Lot party on an early-summer Friday at Luke & Leroy's found her deck work deee-liteful anyway. Fifteen years after World Clique, LADY MISS KIER is back on the scene, this time as a DJ with a globe-trotting schedule. Having kicked her body- and career-wasting smack habit, the Lady is literally and figuratively larger than ever.
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Lady Kier
Lady Kier

why would you write " career wasting smack habit" ? This is untrue and I am shocked that a journalist would be so bold as to print a rumor with actually no evedence. I guess when Rupert Murdoch bought the voice he hired the same type of hacks that he hires for his other media holds such as fox news. What a bunch of nonsense. If I had seen this earlier -you would have been sued for libel. I question the motive - I was singing an anti-war anti-bush song. If it dosnt fit Rupert Murdochs agenda then the artist get's shredded. Lady Kier


I can't believe a 'reporter" would claim this talented lady had a smack habit without checking forces. I imagine she will be suing you for libel. whoever wrote this is not a journalist. for shame


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