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Best New Gay Party Night New York 2005 - RUNT

At 5'8" I'm Mr. Average as height goes, but sometimes I feel almost Brobdingnagian at RUNT, the weekly fagbash for little guys and their crew at Nowhere, hosted by popdaddy Stephin Merritt (5'3") of the Magnetic Fields et al., and former ABC member David Yarritu (5'0"). Featuring excellent tunes spun by adorable DJ MattChew, T-shirts emblazoned with mildly smutty slogans ("Felch me, I'm a runt," etc.), the occasional pint-size go-go boy, and copious cheap beer, the polymorphous perversity that is Runt provides an excellent midweek alternative to television, chronic masturbation, or suicide for gents of all heights.
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