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Best Place to Air Family Secrets New York 2005 - STORYCORPS BOOTH

Studs Terkel may prefer Chicago, but everyone knows that New Yorkers have the best goddamn stories on the planet. Witness the STORYCORPS BOOTH at Grand Central Terminal: Since opening in October of 2003, the booth has recorded over 3,000 stories, both charming (a 91-year-old man tells about flirting with the hostesses at Harlem's Savoy Ballroom in the late '20s) and poignant (a woman recounts a deathbed conversation with her father, an Auschwitz survivor). For $10, you and a family member have the option to add to the collection, which is on its way to the Library of Congress. You'll leave with a broadcast-quality recording and maybe even a little catharsis. Hey, confession culture isn't all bad.
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