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Best Rant Against a Band to Agree With Even if You're a Fan New York 2005 - JON PARELES'S "THE CASE AGAINST COLDPLAY" IN THE TIMES

He's one of those music journalists who always take an even, measured tone; he really seems to strive for objectivity, sometimes to the point where the reader can't tell whether or not he likes the band he's reviewing. But JON PARELES'S "THE CASE AGAINST COLDPLAY" IN THE TIMES left no doubt about where he stood. Among the hilarious insults: Coldplay are "the most insufferable band of the decade," their swelling strings constitute "hokum," and the lyrics "make me wish I didn't understand English." What's funny is that while I agree Coldplay employ many such calculated tactics, I like them anyway. What makes Mr. Pareles hate the band is part of what makes them endearing.
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