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Best aroma inside an ATM New York 2006 - Bank of America ATM

It doesn't take much to improve the banking experience. The Bank of America ATM next door to Beard Papa picks up the desserterie's gentle wafts of cream puff fillings through the wall throughout the day, giving the space a scent not unlike that of the Warm Vanilla Sugar products from Bath & Body Works. It doesn't quite justify the $7-a-month service charges from the conglomerate, but B of A would do well to use this perk as a template for future cash machines and either install them in strategic locations or use plug-in simulacra. For now, Astor Place offers a moment of olfactory glory while you withdraw your money.
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ok guys i used to work for bank of america in San Jose Costa Rica , specifically in the credit card department , and i do know what I am writing here. Bank of America is exploiting their employees in San Jose Costa Rica , they are making them work long hours whiteout no rest at all , and paying them very miserable salaries, These people are a bunch of scumbags i HATE them and despise them with all my guts! they are making their employees take an overwhelming amount of calls per day, An average customer service representative takes around 350 calls in a 7 hours day shift!!!! these sons of bi**ches are burning in hell , they are the worst company here in San Jose Costa Rica to work for!! they are slavering people here!