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Best bar to watch lesbian pole-dancing New York 2006 - Cattyshack - CLOSED



249 4th Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11215


Map & Details>>

Sadly, there are no strip clubs for dykes in the city. If lady lovers wanted to see the gravity-defying acrobatics of pole-dancing, they had to visit a gentlemen's club. That is, until Cattyshack began featuring women working the pole, which is positioned on the bar with a red light for extra effect. Friday night's Cirrah party features the best of the lot; two ladies in particular, Sarah and Maine, deserve an award for nicest upside-down slide. Hostess Aja announces each of the dancers, who saunter their way to the bar in occasionally elaborate, always shimmery ensembles from bikini tops to pasties. These ladies have a way of making you feel like every split and spin is just for you. They climb the metal with an ease that's almost unsettling and with just as much skill as any hair-swinger at the local strip bars for dudes. Just don't forget your singles.
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Loads of jobs to exotic dancers are in today. In topless bikini dancing remember this; keep eye contact with your partner and be confident.

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There are lots of pole dancing agencies all over the world that need showgirls. So I just want to give all of you a pole dancing tip: Wear comfortable clothes which expose your arms and legs. Sexiness is optional. Baring your skin will allow you to get a much better grip on the pole with your arms and legs so that you can perform these moves safely. For even better foot grips, try going barefoot. Or get on the pole naked, so you have nothing to slow you down.

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kaydenea duncan
kaydenea duncan

i like this place. im excited to see a lesbian strip club.


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