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Best consistently interesting outer-borough gallery New York 2006 - Outrageous Look - CLOSED

Outrageous Look

103 Broadway

Brooklyn, NY 11211


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Over the bridges and through the tunnels we've gone, and there was some tasty work in Brooklyn and Queens venues last season: Pierogi, Jack the Pelican Presents, and Flux Factory come to mind. But Outrageous Look, with smart sculptures in its shop windows luring intrepid South Williamsburg strollers into two nicely scaled spaces, maintains one of the highest batting averages. Last winter, Meg Lipke's large, vibrant canvases of chasms brimming with abstract noodles and wavering polyps filled the gallery with surreal energy, and Diane Dwyer's dramatic oils of splay-winged birds sideswiped by tumultuous weather were a true delight. More recently, Tom Burke's silvery, soft-focus photos of snowy landscapes, cartoony fish, and old-school amusement rides exuded a sweet, tarnished nostalgia.
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