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Best East Village sake bar New York 2006 - Kasadela - CLOSED



647 E. 11th St.

New York, NY 10009


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Japanese establishments continue to proliferate in the East Village, especially sake bars. Our hands-down favorite is still Alphabet City's quaint little izakaya Kasadela— izakaya being the name for a traditional Japanese bar specializing in sake and snacks. Most of the appetizer-y tapas-portioned yummies are cheap, but it takes a lot to get a meal's worth. Also superb is the sake selection: There's uncommon draft choices, summery sweet junmai, unfiltered nigori, light-and-dry ginjo, alcohol-loaded genshu, and cask-drawn Taru. Just because the sake's cheaply priced doesn't mean it's not good. Kampai! 212-777-1582
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