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Best guy who sings like a girl New York 2006 - Death Vessel

Nothing melts a jaded man's heart like the sound of a beautiful female voice singing songs of love, loss, and longing—even when they're being sung by a guy. Joel Thibodeau, a slight young man with a freakishly high-pitched (but gorgeous) voice who goes by the name of Death Vessel (which could also fall under the "Best Band Name" category), is one of the city's most talented singer-songwriters. Don't approach him as a novelty act, though: Once the shock of his vocals wears off, you'll quickly begin to appreciate his thoughtful, poetic lyrics and impressive, Appalachian-influenced, finger-picked guitar stylings. His debut album, Stay Close (North East Indie), was one of the best releases of 2005, and rumor has it he's being bombarded by offers from some big labels—catch him at a intimate place like Pete's Candy Store while you still can.
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