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Best hair salon in a downtown loft New York 2006 - Takamichi Hair

One of the many things that big cities like Tokyo and New York have in common is finite ground-level commercial real estate; there is just not enough to go around. Some of the more inventive and forward-thinking business owners opt out and take up shop on the edges: a new neighborhood, a side street, a basement. In the case of the Takamichi Hair salon, the whole seventh floor of an industrial building on Great Jones has everything to gain by leaving the walk-ins with the rest of the riffraff on the sidewalk. A freight elevator pulls you up to the top floor and opens onto a bright airy loft. Designed by Belgian architect Sandra van Rolleghem, whose portfolio includes revamping a Christian Dior retail space in Paris, the salon takes advantage of fantastic city views and offers a minimalist decor that allows customers to forget the hustle and bustle below. The hair styling lives up to the promise of the space; Takamichi and his team have been giving impeccable and innovative haircuts (starting at $70) in this neighborhood since 2000.
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