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Best movie theater for culture-starved infants (and their parents) New York 2006 - Rattle and Reel

So you just had a baby and you're having some second thoughts—or at the very least mourning your old freewheeling, moviegoing life. Some local theaters might look the other way as you sneak your tot into a daytime screening, but is it worth the shame you face from fellow viewers when your baby inevitably starts howling during the hushed denouement? Luckily, there's Rattle and Reel, a weekly screening series, Wednesdays at 11 a.m., at the Sunshine Cinema that's specially created for caregivers and their babies. The movies aren't dumbed down for this crowd—they're chosen from among those currently playing at the cinema, which tend to be bigger independent films and docs, allowing you the fantasy that you're not sleep-deprived and semi-brain-dead.
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