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Best way to indulge childlike nostalgia while cheering on David Wright New York 2006 - Eating an ice cream sundae out of an overturned toy baseball helmet at Shea Stadium

With apologies to apple pie, pickup trucks, and Lee Greenwood, ain't nothin' more American than eating an ice cream sundae out of an overturned toy baseball helmet at Shea Stadium. It is incontrovertible scientific fact. You can dine on the dessert long coveted by baseball-obsessed young'uns nationwide for a mere $4.75 while the Mets lay waste to the hapless Pirates or Nationals or whomever. Just as beer invariably tastes best when served in an enormous, garish German stein (not available at Shea these days, sadly), vanilla ice cream undergoes a startling transformation when scooped lovingly into a cheap piece of plastic with a Met logo slapped on it. Try it. Shea may lack the space-age enormo-dome luxuries of newer, flashier stadiums, but it's the simple things that matter: the winding No. 7 train jaunt out to Queens, fresh air, commercial airliners soaring directly overhead, and a giant apple emerging from a top hat whenever the good guys hit a home run. You know, the classics—a joyous, youthful slice of our national pastime best served à la mode.
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