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Coolest Koreatown noodles New York 2006 - Kum Ryong

Kum Ryong

Kum Ryong

30 W. 32nd St.

New York, NY 10001


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Maybe you don't want to drag your ass to Flushing for the best cha chiang mein, the handmade wheat noodles that came to Korea during World War II with Chinese refugees and became a Korean passion. Koreatown's best rendition is found at the Korean-Chinese restaurant Kum Ryong. (The name has nothing to do with faulty ejaculation; it means "Golden Dragon.") Choose "noodles with brown sauce" or "noodles with special brown sauce" if you want to blow an extra 45 cents, which gets you some julienne cucumber in addition to the dark and gelatinous bean, tofu, and crumbled pork sauce.
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